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VCI offers the depth and breadth of Building Automation Systems (BAS) knowledge and products to support building automation systems of all sizes and complexity. Our broad offering of products, combined with almost four decades of experience, ensures we have the best solution for your building.

Air Handler



VCI skilled and licensed team of mechanics provide a full breath preventive maintenance, repair and retrofit services. Combined with our BAS controls expertise, we resolve any problem with a single call. Using our fully integrated Automated Service System providing complete automation of service call processing, dispatching, service call completion and invoicing. Customers have web access to our service portal to request service, track calls, query work orders and invoice status, and review maintenance history.

Boiler Room

Energy Retrofit Services

VCI offers a complete suite of energy retrofit services from complete heating and cooling plants to targeted retrofits.

VCI works with building managers to develop sustainable energy retrofit options which meet payback and environmental stewardship criteria, implementing those deemed most appropriate.

Through continuous real-time monitoring and tuning, we are accountable for the results.

We survey, analyze and monitor your building to ensure…

  • Informed retrofit decisions
  • Maximized payback
  • Sustained results
  • Enlightened operators and building managers

Our Innovative process is designed to overcome shortcomings of conventional energy retrofit


Performance Monitoring

VCI’s Performance Monitoring Service typically realizes a 5% to 15% reduction in energy without capital expense. PMO is a continuous monitoring service that captures utility meter data and key HVAC system operational data in real-time from smart systems in a building. Through expert tools and knowledge, we convert this data into actionable information and work with you to improve building performance and reduce energy consumption. We would expect the customer to benefit at three distinct levels:

  1. Energy Savings, through improved performance of the HVAC equipment, light and plug loads (Tier One);
  2. Operational Savings through improved maintenance and repair procedures, and support to onsite building operators (Tier Two); and
  3. Enhanced Capital Renewal Strategies, by assisting management set priorities, establish scope, and measuring effectiveness against projected targets of replacement of building equipment (Tier Three).

As part of this service, we provide our customers with a web-based dash board - recording key energy and operation performance. This ensures both accountability and sustainability.

The cost of this service is off-set by the energy savings realized. Our objective is to save, at minimum two times the fees for this service. We guarantee that savings will be greater than fees.

Data Chart

Geothermal Solutions

Through our sister company, CleanEnergy Developments, we are experts and industry leaders in geothermal systems.


Because of the relationship between geothermal, HVAC and BAS, VCI and CleanEnergy are eminently qualified to resolve complex integration issues involving all three systems. CleanEnergy and VCI share the same facility and management team.

Facility Services

Equipped with our core trades and BAS expertise, combined with our Energy Analytics and Service Desk capabilities, we offer a comprehensive suite of facility services. For example, we can often triage problems without dispatching a technician, savings customers time and money. Through our monitoring service we have visibility to operational issues before they become an emergency. We track energy spend and key performance indicators and display of a customer dashboard, increasing accountability.

Faculty Services

Toronto Head Office
1 Royal Gate Boulevard, Suite D
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L4L 8Z7

Phone: 905-850-4464
Fax: 905-850-4474

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